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The Woman in Black based on a novella made 128mil on a budget of 15mil could be partially because Redcliffe release his last HP movie earlier and this was transition from a boy into a young man. One of the 20 highest grossing British films.

The Fortune Theatre Russell Street is most closely associated, of course, with its current production The Woman In Black which has become a West End legend. This enigmatic and brilliant play first took up residence at The Fortune in 1989. The Woman In Black celebrated 5000 performances at The Fortune Theatre in July 2001 with a huge party, which was held in the Stalls Bar and the auditorium! Everyone present agreed that it was a most unforgettable and enjoyable occasion.

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The Woman In Black Fortune Theatre 21 July 2015 4 Stars BOOK TICKETS. There’s nothing like a good ghost story to get the heart racing and give you a good scare.

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