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Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin on 16 October 1854 to Sir William Wilde and his wife Jane. Oscar's mother, (1820-1896), was a successful poet and journalist. She wrote patriotic Irish verse under the pseudonym "Speranza". Oscar's father, (1815 - 1876), was a leading ear and eye surgeon, a renowned philanthropist and gifted writer, who wrote books on archaeology and folklore. Oscar had an elder brother, Willie, and a younger sister, Isola Francesca, who died at the early age of 10.

~Wilde produced the majority of his great works between 1888 and 1895, and produced very few after his time in prison. "The Soul of Man Under Socialism" is a essay written in 1891. In this essay, Wilde portrays an anarchist view of the world. He argues that people spend all of their time and energy attempting to fix the problems caused by capitalism and that they are too selfless, or altruistic. In this essay, socialism is promoted because Wilde sees it as the path to individualism, self-awareness, and individual enlightenment. He also states that with less competition the future of the individual and the country will be more successful. "The Soul of Man Under Socialism" Oscar Wilde "But this is not a solution: it is an aggravation of the difficulty. The proper aim is to try and reconstruct society on such a basis that poverty will be impossible. And the altruistic virtues have really prevented the carrying out of this aim. Just as the worst slave-owners were those who were kind to their slaves, and so prevented the horror of the system being realised by those who suffered from it, and understood by those who contemplated it, so, in the present state of things in England, the people who do most harm are the people who try to do most good;...Charity creates a multitude of sins."

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