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The infant Ali passed very happy days in the laps of his mother Fatimah bint Asad, father Abu Talib and cousin Muhammad. Under love, care and happiness, 'Ali flowered into a handsome, eloquent, strong and courageous young boy of thirteen. At this time Muhammad started preaching Islam. Naturally, 'Ali was the first to declare his belief in Allah and His Apostle.

Yusuf Ali's translation of the same verses is similar, but he pointedlychooses to use the term "servants" instead of "slaves." Isthis simple mistranslation? I could argue it is, since the obvious negativityassociated with the word "slave" seems not intended here; for furtherproof, we can remember Muhammad's own objection to using the word"slave," as noted earlier. Yet I can strongly show the differencegoes beyond mere semantics. Ethically speaking, the relationships ofAllah-Believer and master-slave are shown in the Qur'an to be completelydifferent. There are two core differences.

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