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Strictly Entrepreneurship is a fully-owned subsidiary of Phase 1 Enterprise Training CIC, which has been operating for five years, supporting small businesses in South London.

Our primary focus is delivering comprehensive training solutions to people new to the practice of entrepreneurship, which may include starting one’s own business, joining an existing business, spinning a business out of a larger company or operating in a UK context.


Precisely because the Valley possesses the Renaissance qualities of being dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative and wildly financially successful, it has become a model the rest of the world is keen to follow. But if what's being emulated places little value in old ideas of culture and has little interest in developing new ones, aren't we all aspiring to a debased ideal -- to an impoverished kind of Renaissance, devoid of much that makes life rich? Florence had entrepreneurial energy, education, ambition and technology; it also attracted Giotto, Donatello, Dante, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Petrarch and others besides. Who can Silicon Valley point to?

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Our solutions are used in worldwide countries supporting millions of customers and businesses in domain of business support, management, facilitation services, marketing and branding, entrepreneurial promotion, travel, event management, project formulation and hospitality services etc.

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Discuss the history, development and growth of the entrepreneur to see what made this person successful?
Discuss the role of their family and socio-cultural background in the development of their entrepreneurial
Discuss the type of businesses they developed and the competitive advantage of the business compared to
other entrepreneurs
Discuss future suggestions for the entrepreneur including different types of businesses or avenues (eg selling their business) they may take

Integrated Facilitation Services is committed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country through its model. It provides a well-balanced platform to budding Entrepreneurs to leverage their concepts and skills into mature market ready ideas of business. They are guided by our panel of professionals with Industry experience and connectivity, forged with academic excellence and knowledge.

That team should also have a track record of successful business management, although it need not be an entrepreneurial project.

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The ability to lead a business, taking responsibility and the willingness to take risks in order to gain the rewards, promotes an entrepreneurship. The technical nature of that field and the requirement of extensive knowledge are also linked reasons for a business to run. During the mid-1990’s there was a dramatic change in the winds all over the world, especially in the business space. This changed the way products and services were offered to customers.

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Entrepreneurship is the initial process of a business, a startup of a company or organization. Primarily a businessperson creates a strategy, acquires the manpower and other required resources, and he/she will be fully responsible for upcoming success or failure. Entrepreneurship operates within a system based on the domain of the business.

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We work towards arranging and providing funding to entrepreneurs to develop new technology, generate innovative ideas about technology, bridge the gap between technology and market place, and purchase facilities etc. To get funding from corporate houses with our help you don’t need to be an experienced entrepreneur, but you should at least have an administration team with an experience background in your respected business field.