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Lou Tullio: A Real Erie Guy is the most comprehensive book to date on Erie, Pennsylvania's 6-term Mayor, Louis J. Tullio (1916-1990). Published by the Jefferson Educational Society, this book - written by Cory Vaillancourt - offers a revealing look at the life and times of one of the most significant and heavily mythologized politicians in the history of Erie.

I was lucky I was able to learn the basic skills I needed to make it into college. When I reached college, my academic life began to change. In college I learned to write an essay, and open my mind to new ideas. It was not until I attended university that I learned about a class called Chicano Studies. In this class I learned about Mexican American History for the first time. I remembered feeling angry because our public school system never gave us a lesson on Latino History. I felt lied too and betrayed because the schools kept me in the dark. I felt that through the university I learned to open my mind to global issues along with the true American history. I believe our public school system needs to change and become culturally sensitive, but until then attending a higher education can help a person learn about themselves and the world around them. Jon Spayde illiterates in his argument about American education by stating, "The aim of slow knowledge is resilience, harmony, and the preservation of long-standing patterns that give our lives aesthetic, spiritual, and social meaning" and that " Culturally, we just are slow learners" (Spayde 61). Mr. Spayed believed that school helps, but it is just a beginning to becoming educated and prepared. He also argued that first hand experience helps to educate a person. He explains "an education carpentered out of the best combination we can make of school, salon, reading, online exploration, walking the streets, hiking in the woods, museums, poetry classes at the Y, and friendship may be the education of all" (Spayde 63). I do agree with Mr. Spayde’s ideas in what it means to be educated but it is important to point out that all these experiences need to be combined with facts, research and additional skills learned in a higher level of learning. To have an educated society is to have an open mind and learn as much as we can about other cultures and ideas to make our society knowledgeable and enriched. Mike Rose, an Italian immigrant, is a great example and he shares his own experiences in expressing his ideas of a university. He gives us examples in his writings of having an American culture and an immigrates culture. Mr. Rose believes " A truly democratic vision of knowledge and social structure would honor this complexity. The vision might not be soothing, but it would provide guidance as to how to live and teach in a country made up of many cultural traditions" (Rose 117). Mr. Rose believed in changing our public school systems curriculum to meet the needs of a changing population in the United States.

The Jefferson Educational Society of Erie (JES) is a non-profit institution founded to promote civic enlightenment, and community progress for the Erie Region through the study, research, discussion, of those ideas and events that have influenced the human condition. The Society, therefore, will offer which explain the central ideas which have formed the past, assist in exploring the present, and offer guidance to enhance the civic future of the Erie Region.

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Generally, education was provided by parents and family members. Over time, religious orders, craftsmen, and schools taught subjects and skills that required a higher or more-specialized level of learning. Earlier societies frequently were (and some still are) quite rigid in determining which of their children would be educated and what the content of their education would be. In effect, children were taught the skills, values, and self-concept needed to contribute to a role in society that frequently was predetermined for them by the accident of their birth.

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