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Hanrahan's unit on the Holocaust included the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank, ..

Her silent friend Kitty was the only one who kept her thoughts and feelings. Anne did not want anyone to read her entries, like any teenager, she was a little bit embarrassed to express herself. However, the message on the radio completely changed her views. The announcer urged to save any materials about the war for posterity, for the history. Anne decided to turn the diary into the book. She no longer considered this notes to be an entertainment. She wanted people to know what was really happening. Long nights Anne Frank was writing her book listening to the sounds of gunfires, explosions and human screams filled with pain.

Otto Frank, Anne`s father felt the approach of even greater troubles. One day had changed the life of the family forever. Anne found out that her mother received a call-up paper. She was to depart to the Gestapo. Everyone knew what did it mean. It was rainy morning of July 6, 1942. The whole family covered in a secret shelter in the building that housed the company of Otto Frank. Good-natured employees hid the family, helping them with food and clothing. Little Anne, sitting by the window could observe what was happening on the streets. She watched entire families were escorted to the internment camps, she felt the pain of everyone who dealt with batons and fists of cruel tormentors. Anne was hurt and scared, but the girl believed it was coming to the end and soon she would be able to live a normal life again.

A few months later, their hideout was discovered. Whether it was an act of betrayal of Otto Frank`s colleague, or just more detailed search, no one can say for sure. The Frank family went to the worst place in the world – the Auschwitz. This day was the last one described in the diary. Afterwards all we know about Anne – it is the stories of those lucky ones who managed to save lives in the terrible massacre.

he Anne Frank House tries to realize Anne’s ideals as she spoke of them in her diary by fighting ..

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Anne Frank’s life was cut in the spring of 1945. No one knows exactly when and where the body of 15 -year-old Anne Frank was buried in a mass grave. But her immortal diary will forever remind of the resilience and faith of this little woman. Monuments of Anne Frank, her refuge, that became a museum and the book, ​​have become symbols of the struggle with the monstrous Nazi ideologies. Millions of destinies are united in this book, the last gift from her family and friends.

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There were a lot of books among the gifts –the girl loved to read and sympathize for her favorite characters. And, of course, Anne Frank never thought that her notes would become one of the most famous books, and she, as the heroine and the writer would cause a flurry of emotions and became an example of fortitude and boundless moral strength.

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Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who has to go into hiding during World War Two to escape from the Nazis . Together with seven others she hides in the secret annex